Dissection – FEAR 2 Part 1

Overview : Game Description

Experience Dissected -

Corpse attached to ceiling (YouTube video)


Hanging Corpse : F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin


How did this corpse get attached like that?


1) Physics (tweaked up parameters for this one)

I tried shooting it but no physics effect so definitely not a ragdoll. Moreover, performance wise it doesn’t make sense to process so much for so little effect.

Conclusion: The hanging motion is an animation for sure.

2) Model Attach points?

(In case you would like to know what are attach points, please take a look at 3Dbuzz videos for UDK explaining attach points for weapon. It couldn’t have been explained better.)

A model with disabled physics and an attach point on head? I don’t remember any other NPC to have attach point on the head with that location or maybe its a common one used for helmets? If thats the case, the corpse is already wearing the helmet.

2.1) Level Editor Magic

Does Monolith engine gives option to allot an attachment point anywhere on the mesh? The way I can think it might work is, the designer specifies the point / area of attach on NPC mesh and environment. Having this feature opens up a “lot” of possibilities for designers to play around and see the most scary option among these.

(Possible Implementation of this feature if it exists: Look at the mesh triangles and specify group vertex indices which holds the property attachment. Give it an id which maps to the attachment points in the environment meshes or quads to be more specific).

3) Special Art Request

An invisible plane or ceiling wired block on top with model hanging animation.

Conclusion: Highly Unlikely. Too much work for such little output. I strongly believe the developer team is way too smart to invest art for this effect. Even though they have already have both models (Corpse and wired ceiling block) and integrating these with hanging motion wouldn’t take more than 15 mins, I doubt team would take this road.

Reason:  The overall  game requires many similar situations (different possible ways and experiment by designer to see whats more scary in level editor). This approach has more tight coupling between designer and artist. This is definitely one thing designer wish to have in editor to play with. So it comes back in developers TODO list.


Dynamic attach points on models and environment. As a programmer working with talented designers, this definitely will make me free from lot of requests in two year production line and allow my fellow friends to play around with possibilities.

Part 2 (Coming up):

- Invisible Ghost haunting (Still looking for video reference. I think these specific ghosts appears most in elementary school). Will address this in next post as no use blabbering till I have a solid video reference of the enemy I am referring here. So honouring my amazing lazy habit to use fraps to make my own video, I will address it in next post.


1) What chain of events did they use to give startled and scary experience?

2) What shader mix did developer use to have this effect?

3) Is it trigger based or NPC Pathfinding or mix of both?


It doesn’t make sense to describe this portion till I find the video reference.

FEAR 2 Gameplay Video